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release time:2016-03-04

main responsibilities:

1、according to the company's brand positioning, the image of public relations, such as the preparation of advertising creative manuscripts and speeches, to control the quality of foreign language publicity, maintenance of corporate image;

2、according to the company's operation and promotion planning requirements, the preparation of various types of promotional copy;

3、familiar with social media operations and brand marketing strategy, in the official website, micro-blog, wechat and other social media to carry out brand marketing work;

4、develop and implement user interaction strategy, continue to interact with potential customers, improve platform reputation;

5、industry media, mainstream media, and other types of foreign media release as well as the promotion of the brand copy writing;

6、according to the annual media plan, the completion of the corresponding implementation of media cooperation (with the selection of the material provided, the press release writing, media release follow-up check and finishing);

7、interview with the person in charge of the listed companies, writing interviews and activities of press releases, etc.;

8、corporate events responsible for business planning, image data collecting, sorting, filing and management;

9、complete other tasks assigned by superior.。

job requirements:

1、advertising, journalism or related professional college degree or above, accept advertising planning, training etc.;

2、1 years related working experience in media industry;

3、excellent writing skills, strong creative thinking ability and creative concept;

4、have a good strategic thinking ability and can independently write programs;

5、have a good strategic thinking ability and can independently write programs;

6、excellent expression, communication, organization, coordination ability and team spirit.;

7, has a certain network media resources, familiar with the characteristics of various types of media;

8、proficiency in office software。