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the feature of tongsheng air cooled screw chiller:

* using european, american, japanese all new importing compressor with high quality.

* high effective inner grooved copper pole shell and tube evaporator

* japan kobe high effective red copper pipes covered into aluminum fins condenser

* equipped with precision electric temperature controller

* equipped with imported high effective and save energy water pump as user project design requirement.

1. air cooled type condenser

heat transfer aluminum fins manufactured by ourselves high speed punch machine, high quality. using imported copper tube and full-automatic elbow to weld, improving the gas tightness and prevent the refrigerant leakage. suitable for the water depletion or high hardness water quality place to use.

2. high effective evaporator

japan kobe high effective inner grooved cooper, add the effective of heat transfer and more saving energy and high effective. to use newest cad/cam designing and processing techniques, processing by cnc machine, compact structure, small volume, durable. u type heat transfer tube bundle, it can be pulled out to clean the dirt and convenient to maintenance. dry-type evaporator is convenient to return oil, improve the service life of compressor and the reliability of system.

3. beautiful appearance, high effective, saving energy, and low power consumption.


the feature of tongsheng brand high, middle, low temperature chiller

1. industrial screw chiller

it can provide 5-15 c degree chilled water, or use the glycol as the refrigerating medium to provide the -5 to 5 degree chilled liquid, it can be used in ice storage, low temperature wind, central air conditioning and other industry. and we also can design the special unit according to client’s requirement, and provide big temperature difference chiller unit(the temperature difference for inlet and outlet water is 8-15 degree), or high outlet water temperature (15-25 degree). the cooling capacity is 94kw to 3360kw.

2. middle temperature screw chiller

the outlet water temperature is -5 to -45 degree, to use the imported semi-closed screw compressor with economizer. provide -5 to -45 degree low temperature glycol or salt water. it can be used in chemical, medical treatment, refrigeratory, skating rink industry. the cooling capacity is 55kw to 2000kw.

3. low temperature screw chiller

the outlet water temperature is -45 to -110 degree, to provide -45 to -110 degree ethyl alcohol or calcium chloride chilled water. to use two or three screw compressor cooling system. high energy effective ratio, steady operation. and our company can design and produce the ultralow temperature type, corrosion prevention type, anti-explosion type industrial chiller as user requirements.