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introduction :

with the development of the technology ,people pay more attention to the temperature influence on the products .nichias honeycomb rotating wheel for dehumidification made in japan is a good product for stable absorption the air moisture whole year . dehumidifying wheel is made up of honeycle sg-hp rotating wheel and honeycle ms rotating wheel with zeolite for ultralow dew point air .


features :

1. cycling type drying equipment with special design that supplies the stable low dew point dry air can ensure the product quality .

2. drying hopper adopts standard two layer heat preservation structure,which can realize energy conservation ,environmental protection and safety in production .

3. plc microcomputer electrical control and pid  controls the temperature in the precision(± 0.1 ℃) .

4. programmed sensor control panel is clear and easy to handle and has function of problem feedback .

5. adopting the vat type hopper , once -time transportation avoids stuffing the material and second time transportation using cycling dryer air avoids the dries material going wet again and save the energy .

6. with wulti audible and visual alarm , is it easier to find out the abnormal and make sure the safe operation of the machine .