I Caught A Fish Just Like You, Daddy


Drew was in the bath playing with her Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy like she has many times before, but tonight she gasps and exclaims after connecting the magnet on the bobber with the fish once more: “I caught a fish! Just like you, Daddy…”

There are many reasons to fish – the anticipation of feeling a fish bite your bait, the exhilaration of setting the hook, and the fight between you and a creature that is strong enough to pull your line and run away from you. Fish are majestic creatures, to see them leap out of the water is a sight that never gets old.

Inshore and bass fishing have in common the fact that we target big, monstrous fish with light tackle. There is very little between you and the fish. We are tackling monsters with light tackle. They shake and the hook comes free – there is nothing like the heartbreak of losing a fish that makes a man vow to never duplicate the mistake that cost him the fish.

I fish because I want to show my daughter the beauty of the world. I want to show her how to conquer it. I want her to be proud of me.

Fishing helps me feel connected to the natural world, to feel grounded, calm, and at peace. Mostly, I fish because I have a need to explore. In the spirit of curiosity and conquest, I answer the call of the wild.


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