Fish Species:

The Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is a freshwater gamefish native to North America. This specific species of black bass is the most popular game fish in America. The upper jaw of a largemouth extends beyond the bottom. It’s wide mouth results in the fish’s nickname of “bucket mouth.” Catch this freshwater fish in pretty much any body of water within the lower 48 states. Ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs are home to America’s favorite freshwater game fish. Much of its popularity is due to the availability of fishing opportunities. Ninety percent of people live within an hour of navigable water holding bass.

Locate Largemouth Bass

If you’re wondering where to fish, remember the first rule of fishing – location, location, location. In any body of water, 90% of the fish occupy only 10% of it. If you want to learn how to catch bass, you need to know how to target their habitats. Bass prefer shallower areas in a body of water with some type of cover. Cover can mean vegetation, brush, trees, or structure, such as docks, trees, or submerged logs. These types of areas provide food, shelter, and shade for fish. Aquatic vegetation such as lily pads, hydrilla, weeds, and grass, etc. will be home to a variety of fish. So, find grass and you’ll find bass. You’ll also find bass at points – A point is any part of the shoreline where the bank sticks out into the water.


Soft plastic baits mimic the creatures bass prey upon, such as worms, frogs, and lizards. The plastic worm is the most dependable artificial bait for largemouth bass. Work plastic baits along the bottom or by raising the rod tip a few feet, then allowing the worm to sink. Keep the line taught and you can feel the bass “tap” the bait. Be prepared to set the hook right after casting. Bass will often take the bait on the initial fall. Let the bait sit for a few seconds before starting to reel it back in. The best live baits are shiners (minnows), hooked through the lips or back, and worms. Fish live baits under a float or free-lined. 

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