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Kids Fishing Gear, Inc. 

About Us

Kids Fishing Gear, Inc. is a Florida based non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of children through exposure to the outdoors and an opportunity to go fishing. Our promise is to provide the disadvantaged and disabled youth in underserved communities that traditionally have low participation in outdoor recreation activities an opportunity to experience fishing through hands-on experience and leave with resources to continue with the sport.

Kids Fishing Gear, Inc. works to inspire and encourage families and communities to learn to fish—while increasing understanding of local lakes, ponds, and aquatic resources—as part of a holistic approach for community health and wellness.

Events are held throughout the year and throughout the country. At this time, we are solely funded by grants and donations. The company is developing an online store and blog with revenues going towards offsetting the costs of our programs, and be another resource for educational content.

For more information on Kids Fishing Gear, Inc., becoming a volunteer or making a donation, visit our website at or contact Dan Miles, Director at (937)829-0279


To make the art of angling accessible to a new generation of would-be fishermen and fisherwomen. To give people the opportunity to lead more fulfilling lives of discovery and adventure in the natural world. To explore the wild and protect it.



We strive to promote:

Education is paramount. We believe that a more educated fishing community will create healthier fisheries. The more informed anglers can be regarding proper catch and release, fish behavior, angler impacts, and other fishery-related topics the more informed angler choices can be. Our impact as anglers is limited to our knowledge, with more knowledge comes better decisions, which hopefully will lead to happier and healthier fisheries.

Conservation can be accomplished by anyone. One of the best ways to conserve your local fisheries is simply going down to a body of water and picking up trash. Conservation is an individual effort and we want to remind everyone that you don’t need to wait, you can act now!

Fishy Feelings

Why We Do It

Especially in these modern times with all of the distractions of technology, violent video games, easily accessible media intended for adults, and the uncertainty of a worldwide pandemic, every child is being affected. We believe that spending more time outdoors is the solution and fishing is the vehicle with which we encourage that.

Fishing is widely accepted as a safe, wholesome, and non-controversial lifetime outdoor activity. The founders of Kids Fishing Gear designed their program so young people everywhere, whether urban or rural, could learn angling skills at home, at an event, or during their regular school day and then decide on their own how and where to apply those skills.

Whether looking for it or not, while fishing, people often find something more meaningful than the experience of catching a fish. Along the banks of the world’s waterways— the best souvenir from the shore is a feeling. The natural beauty of the landscape can impress upon you deep feelings of serenity and peace. The tranquil water awakens within you a sense of ease. In fact, studies show that being near the water naturally helps lower anxiety. Fishing allows you the opportunity to relax your soul, revitalize your spirits, and renew your focus.

We want to feed and nourish the spirits of the young and old, practiced and novice angler alike. Our hope is that families will see the outdoors as a place of refuge, enjoyment, and personal tradition, that they will build joyful memories with family and friends, and that they will learn to catch more fish with fewer casts.